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Camino Map

Select a village from the drop-down and the page will zoom you into a view of that village.  The zoomed map displays the Camino path as well as places to eat or stay.  It also launches Street View and places a yellow "Peg-Man" on the map.  Move  Peg Man to change the view.

Click on markers to see the establishment's name, address and phone number, along with links to their website and social media pages. (Note: markers are a little buggy.)

If you're currently walking the Camino, the "On the Path" tab will show where you are in relation to the path.

The Photo Map places a collection of photos from Paramino on the Camino path.

It's just as easy to only view pictures taken by the blogger, but in this case I figured I'd show them all.

"Lodging List" lets you build a list of places to stay within 3km of selected locations.
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